Monday, September 5, 2011

Some new art!

Yesterday, Tiberius/Jennifer came over yesterday! We've been friends since 2005-6, and reconnected at IFC this year, where we found out she only lived an hour away from us!

Impact shot! Face, meet other face.

A lot of things happened yesterday, the most profound being that Olive finally had nose to nose interaction with another dog, and they both survived! Olive was a bit barky and stand-offish at first, but they turned out to be BFF's. As did, Jen, Chris and I :D!

Now as you see above, Jen's another artist. A fantastic artist, depressingly better than I am ;D So naturally I did a good bit of doodling yesterday.

Commemorating Olive and Whisper being awesome!

Jen brought Mortal Combat so Chris broke out his joystick and it just got Gayer and Gayer from then on.

It was a fantastic day/evening! Poor Jen was subjected to us for about 12 hours, though to be fair, we did feed and water her. And she didn't piddle on the floor!

Hopefully, we'll set up another playdate soon!

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