Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wetting my toes

So you guys know I'm primarily an artist. I do the whole hand-drawn bs, right? Tonight, I ventured into crafting, and making an ATC that isn't drawn has given me a whole new respect for the people who do them all the time. These bitches are hard to compose, harder to cut right, and waiting for glue to dry for every layer is the most annoying part of all D:

But the ending result isn't -too- shabby!

Pre-cut ATC blank for the backing, followed by a pink floral mat stack for the background. Tree leaves are glitter cardstock, bark is patterned paper. Munchlax was cut out of a pokemon card. I broke my CutterBee trying to cut through the fucking card. A bit of sticky lace that I tattered to serve as grass, and accents with glitter gel pen. Ta-daa!

Well...maybe I'll make them from time to time. I did enjoy it, even though I trashed the office making it >.>

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