Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I made it big at a con! Alternatively titled: MAKIN' IT RAIN >:U

So I did IndyFurCon mid-August. I made $1000* in sales. Three days, originals and on-spot commissions, only 6 take-home pieces.

I am fucking amazing!

Probably an ego boost I didn't need, lol.

But anyway.

That was me, pretty much the whole fucking weekend

Saw tons of friends I'd lost connections with, and made even more new ones! I collected a tiny crossdressing Asian and my Black son. All is well!

This is a sample of what I drew! Most didn't have their clothes on though

All in all, a fabulous con, and I'm dying to go to another one! Maybe FWA? Maybe AC next year? Or maybe a dinky anime con where I can sell a couple hundred and it'll be ok cause it'll be close to the house ;D

*And that $1000 was almost completely swallowed by making the house more livable ;.; In the last month, we were BURGLED(yay insurance), had to have the entire pipe system in the house replaced, washer flooded, manky dishwasher installed after Chris reworked pipes, and a bunch of other little shit adding up x-x So stressful I could pop an ovary.

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