Monday, July 18, 2011

No art today, I'm too lazy to scan! Been working on a lot of things for the upcoming Convention, including several small scale originals. Last year I worked for months on 15-20 8.5x11 full color originals, and didn't sell a one. So a year later, better art and far better coloring, I'm working with 4x6 paper. Thinner than cardstock, so it blends copics much better!

She's got balls ;D

Know that Cunt ATC I uploaded the other day? That same day, I also cut out 10-15 closeups of vaginas from porno magazines, to send along with the Sexy Kinky and Erotic ATC swap! I got fancy and even rounded the edges! The back of the Cunt ATC has one of them pasted to it, with the vag area blocked out with a censor bar.

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