Friday, July 22, 2011

Cutesy post!

Did a several night stint of drawing nothing but cute to hopefully sell at the upcoming con. Need to mat and possibly frame them.

A while back, at B&N, I found these little spiral bound 4x8 sketchbooks. Being left handed, most sketchbooks don't work out for me because of the binding, and spiral sketchbooks just aren't that popular. Which is why I almost exclusively work from loose leaf cardstock. But this sketchbook is a gem! The paper is thick, but blends copic much better than cardstock. Yum!

Dragon! He's so cute and chunky! Copics and a generous amount of glitter gel pen for the scaling. Scanner at the copic shading

Bunny. The weakest one out of the set I think. Copics.

Fox with a flower! Copics and some white gel pen.

A cream Husky. Copics

So yeah, hoping these sell!

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