Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Belated con report!

So Days of the Dead 2011 was last Friday, and Betsy and I were able to go. We had a fantastic time, as usual when we're in cahoots with one another!

The babysitter got there early, so Bets and I got there an hour before general admission opened up. As we were walking in, cue the white trash bumpkin loudly sighing "Lord have mercy!". I looked at her before we walked into the Hotel and laughed.

We had some time to people watch, and people watch we did. A surprising amount of gorgeous women(more than 5, less than 10) were in attendance, much more than any con I've ever been to before! And damn, I think I'm dragging the whole family next year, because there were SO many people with their youngish children there!

So they finally start opening the general admission lines. Bets and I each had a different line to go to, as she bought her ticket online, and I was buying at the door. I managed to be the first person through Cash admission, like a boss.

But who cares about that? Onto the pictures!

We started off with Bill Moseley. He was very approachable and friendly, and he was sad that my gun was bigger than his knife. Yes, we did compare weapons, even though mine was just spray-painted Nerf.

Nivek Ogre was a dream! He managed to pull us out of Terrance Zdunich's line into his, and just oozed personality. And he was handsy. Yum! He offered to come visit me at work if he was still around, bet he tells that to all the pretty porno store girls ;D

Terrance Zdunich! Co-creater of Repo! OMG. I was a bit disappointed. He was all business. Everyone else acted like normal people, Terrance wanted us to be impressed that he'd just flied out here from Los Angeles. Meh.

Bets and I had a lovely time! Lots of walking, lots of talking to people, even more people staring at my cleavage. I think the con was a success :D My only complaint is that I spent -way- too much fucking money. But oh well!

Oh yeah, and here's some swag:
Kei is my reluctant model

Yeah, thats a tampon applicator. She got into my purse.


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