Thursday, June 2, 2011

An introduction of sorts

Hello, Dolls. This is where I'll be posting tidbits of the things I tend to crap out from time to time. Have a few slices.

GENtern Me! I'm so original!

A postcard for the "Handmade Postcard" swap over at Swap-Bot

Half of a trade with Sharra, who has an excellent webcomic here!

I really need to draw and design a personal background, most likely involving Narwhals. Most likely not involving lens flare.


  1. Hey,
    I like your art style. So, are you planning on putting up more art?
    Porn, huh? That's funny. I was really under the impression that swap bot had more...I don't know, crafty innocent types. :)
    I looked at the webcomic also. It's cool.
    Keep it up!

  2. I'm not fond of porn, but I can see that you are a talented artist. Great imagination!

  3. I'm somewhat confused. There's no porn on my blog post. Nude pinup, especially without any genitalia showing =/= porn. Thanks anyway though.

  4. I meant your "about me".

  5. S, that was moreso pointed towards April :)

  6. your art work is very interesting, it shows a lot of imagination and is very expressive.

    bob striks
    swapbot: follow my blog swap

  7. You have a really nice style with great proportions. I especially like the goat lady at the bottom. I'd like to see more like that. You've put a lot of nice details into her.

  8. I like your sense of humor. Can't believe this is an "adult" craft blog. Lol. I've enjoyed what you have so far. - hollychihuahua from s-b