Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anita Blake Cosplay, alternatively titled "I cant fit into my corset and am pissed"

So I cant squeeze into my PVC corset. I can fit into the waist cincher, but I don't have anything good to go under it, really. If I cant fit into the PVC corset, I cant fit into the Orange Brocade or Pinstripe. So what does that mean?


I'm going to be going as Anita Blake of Laurell K Hamilton's NYTimes bestseller series!

When she's not shooting Marvel Zombies, she's usually fighting evil and her love octagon!

Anita Blake is a Vampire Hunter, a Necromancer, and a Succubus. If only we could all be so lucky! There are 20 books in the series, and no, I haven't read them all yet. I'm on #16.

SO anyway! I'll be wearing a red tank top with a partially buttoned up black shirt overtop. Black jeans, and either my black knee high boots, or my black nikes. She's known for wearing nikes in the books, though the boots would look better with my skinny jeans lol. Putting my hair into a million pigtails tonight so when I take them out tomorrow, I'll have mountains of curl!
Going to walmart tonight to pick out a couple play guns, and a cheap cross necklace. Betsy will provide red lipstick for me, because she's amazing!

I made a badge, lookit me :D Thats what makes this post artistic!

SO excited for the Con tomorrow!

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