Friday, June 24, 2011

And then there were bookmarks!

A couple weeks ago, my best friend TwistedTruth contacted me and told me she needed some bookmarks for school. Who am I to say no? Having been given no set themes, I got to dig through my brain for all the sorts of things she likes, and I like to think I did a good job selecting.

Half naked Zombie Chick. Bets likes both Zombies and Boobies, so the connection between the two was pretty natural.

Ahhh, pokemon. I knew her favorite Pokemon was Gengar, so I did a little lineup of the Evolutionary ladder for her. PURPLE EVERYWHERE 8D

And Nathaniel! If I had some vanilla oil, this would smell like him! Nathaniel from LKHamilton's Anita Blake Saga, of course. Mmmmm...wereleopards

Being the ridiculous over-achiever I am, these are all HUGE. So they could definitely be used for the textbooks they were designed for, but all save the pokemon one would probably be too big for regular paperbacks. And then I got lazy, so Bets can cut these out herself <3

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