Monday, October 3, 2011

I really need to update my layout :/

Doods! I'm broke :( Check out my Etsy shop? Handmade > store bought!

So I had someone contact me on swap-bot about doing a private swap! I was looking for kawaii letter/sticker items, and she wanted some Skinnies! I had never heard of skinnies before, and as it turns out, they are basically an ATC, only bigger! Bigger meaning 3x5, so I can cram a LOT more detail into them!

Little Red took the wrong turn into the forest :O!

But it turns out the BBW is just a bit softie ;D

This concept popped into my head and I'm sooooo gonna do a similar one on big paper to make prints or something. I lovelovelovelove this and don't wanna give it up D:

There's more new images at my Etsy link up above, I'm too lazy to post them all D:!

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  1. Sexy! I especially love the first one. mmmm :9